Sprayed Splash Backs Brighton

Brighton Sprayed Splashbacks

The best sprayed glass splashbacks are made out of high quality glass, this is a fact, a fact that we stick to when making our glass splashbacks as we only use the highest quality.

Our glass is able to be cut into almost any shape in order to deliver the best possible results. As well as this the glass is of such a good quality due to its 6mm thickness and its toughened and polished finish.

There is a huge range of colours you can choose for your sprayed glass splashbacks in Brighton. We have thousands of colours from the likes of Dulux and Farrow & Ball, then we have our standard range provided by the likes of Ral and BS4800. For any colours outside of our standard colour range all you need to do is simply click the custom button below.

Template Fit Splashbacks

Splashbacks add individuality

The splashbacks we create for each customer are always different and are always unique as they are made solely for each individual, no two sprayed glass splashback will be the same and this is one of the reasons why splashbacks are such a unique piece of glass work.

You will find that we offer our services to all different types of areas like bars, restaurants, offices, bathrooms, leisure rooms and kitchens so believe in us when we say we really do have the solution for everything. We aren’t the specialists in bespoke glass work for nothing you know.

Our whole team are experienced and skilled, each offering their own expertise in all different aspects. We have a group of people who can give you all the information you need to know about sprayed glass splashbacks in Brighton as well as letting you know how a splashback can work best for you.

Brighton templating and fitting services

Take full advantage when using Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK for your splashbacks in Brighton, use all the services and advice we have on offer for the best set of results.

Our templating and fitting services are available to all our customers who want a stress-free experience when getting a splashback fitted.