Sprayed Splash Backs Burnley

Burnley Sprayed Splashbacks

The sprayed glass splashbacks we provide are 6mm thick, toughened and polished and this is to ensure it is the highest quality of glass to use for the sprayed glass splashbacks in Burnley. Something else which is special about the glass we use is the fact that it can be cut into almost any size or shape to give everyone the best possible fit.

Our standard colours include colours from ranges like Ral and BS4800 but there are also thousands more colours available from other ranges such as Farrow & Ball and Dulux.

You can also choose the option to customise your own sprayed glass splashback by clicking on the custom tab below, choose your own colour and design.

Template Fit Splashbacks

Adding colour, adding style

Colour and style are two things that some people lack and aren’t sure on how to add this to their home or business but this doesn’t have to be the case as with a sprayed glass splashback you will most definitely be adding colour and a new sense of style.

If you aren’t sure exactly how a splashback could work best for you then speak to one of our team members who can provide you with expert advice helping you along the way.

Whether you are looking for a splashback for your kitchen, bathroom, office, bar, restaurant or leisure room then be sure to come to us, we are the specialists for all of these different ranges and can provide you with the best products and services.

Our templating and fitting services

At times processes like getting a sprayed glass splashback can be stressful for some people but not when you go with the industry professionals here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK.

From start to finish we will be here offering and providing you with our expert advice and our professional templating and fitting services. Take full advantage of what we have on offer, it’s what we are here for.