Sprayed Splash Backs Cardiff

Cardiff Sprayed Splashbacks

Here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK our splashbacks are created out of a high quality glass and this is so we can provide all of our customers with the best possible finish. The glass we use can be cut to pretty much any shape or size to ensure we can get the perfect fit for your specific measurements.

With high quality glass comes fine detail and care and this is something that is important to us. All of the pieces of glass we use are 6mm thick and are toughened and polished in order to deliver the best results.

The options for colours are endless, choose from our standard range from the likes of Ral and BS4800 or pick from the other thousands of colours we have available from Farrow & Ball and Dulux. Colours that you can’t find or that aren’t included in our standard range will be simply to search for when clicking on the custom tab below.

Template Fit Splashbacks

Do you just want a new style?

If you need help when choosing the perfect splashback for your home or business why not have a chat with one of our professionals who are ready and waiting to answer your questions and give you expert advice on how a sprayed glass splashback can work well for you.

We know that putting your own personal twist on things can be a good idea but sometimes people don’t do it in the best ways. A brilliant way to put a personal touch to your home or business is by getting a sprayed glass splashback fitted. This will be a design that you have chosen and which will be created just for you. It is definitely something that will catch everyone’s eye for the right reasons.

At Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK we do have a solution for everything, not only because we are the experts when it comes to bespoke pieces of toughened glass but because we fit glass splashbacks to a variety of places that include bathrooms, offices, kitchens, bars, restaurants and leisure rooms.

Cardiff services for templating

Templating and fitting services are available to all our customers here at Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK. We want to make this process as stress-free as possible for you and this is why we are happy to do all the work from start to finish.

All you need to do is make the decision of your colour and style then after this you can leave it to us, you will be in good hands as we are skilled professionals with 15 years experience.