Sprayed Splash Backs Northampton

Northampton Sprayed Splashbacks

When visiting Sprayed Glass Splashbacks UK you will see that our splashbacks are made of high quality glass, the glass is 6mm thick and is toughened and polished. This all goes towards providing you with the best possible finish when delivering your sprayed glass splashback in Northampton.

There are a variety of different colours from different ranges that are available to choose from when designing your sprayed splashback. Our standard colour range includes Ral and BS4800 but there are also thousands of other colours to choose from from the likes of Farrow & Ball and Dulux.

Don’t panic or forget about getting your sprayed glass splashback if you can’t find the colour you are looking for in our standard range, just simply click the custom tab below to find exactly what you are looking for.

Template Fit Splashbacks

New look for the homes and businesses of Northampton

By getting a sprayed glass splashback in Northampton you will be bringing a new look to your home or business, you will have an eye catching, unique design which has been created just for you as all of our splashbacks are made upon request.

Our company is the specialists in all aspects of bespoke glass artwork and we offer our services to a wide range of places like kitchens, offices, bathrooms, leisure rooms, bars and restaurants. Whether you are looking for something practical or something to add a new sense of style we have the solution for it all.

If you have any questions, problems, queries or you just want to know some general information about our products and services then we have a set of professionals who can provide you with expert advice in all areas, they can help you know and understand how a sprayed glass splashback can work well for you.

Sprayed splashbacks templating in Northampton

Isn’t it important that your splashback fits perfect and is fitted properly?

Well, with our templating and fitting services it will be. We will do all the measuring ensuring we get the right sizes, we will do all the handling and fitting of the glass and once we have finished the job you will have the best results with the best finished sprayed glass splashback in Northampton.